M4 Dental on top of the Game May 03 2017

Dentistry world is a growing field that has a new technology every day. M4 Dental is on the top of the game and always providing our client’s practices with the best tools to provide their clients with the best services.

 Our team and CEO Mohammed Murad is always seeking new vendors and manufactures to insure the best quality and fair prices.

 Last month Mr. Murad attend a dental conference in Birmingham- Alabama and received a prize for his continues efforts in the dental market in overseas market despite the unstapled conditions there.

We are proud of his efforts.

 Apart from this big event, our team has been hard at work researching other potential sources for dental supplies, and after a long process of negotiations we have been successfully able to add another Vendor to our family. Please check the new Product added to our website  https://www.m4dental.com/blogs/news.