About Us

Why M4 Dental?

At M4 Dental we believe that a smile worth a fortune. Your client’s smiles are your achievement BUT your smile is ours. By supporting your practices with the best quality supplies and easing your mind with fair prices, we strongly hope to be a major player in your team.

Our Priority:

We are proud to provide your practices with a variety of choices that allows you to decide what is best for your patient. Knowing that we are dealing with the best manufacturers and seeking the highest quality you can trust that we will always get your back and your hassle-free practice is guaranteed.

Our Culture:

Our company has rooted in many countries. Dealing with international dentists and manufacturers has opened our vision to a new horizon of ways and ways of how to fulfill a wide range of dentist’s needs in an affordable cost.



Our Values:

1- Transparency in pricing:   

In M4 Dental online-store, catalog and sale flyers, you can trust that the prices you see are the prices you'll get on your invoice. No hidden fees or tricks! What you order is what will you get, direct and strict to the point. Our customer gets our best price upfront. No surprises, no haggling, and no need to figure out if you're really getting the prices promised by a dealer sales rep. 

2 - Excellence in Quality 

Striving to constantly improve our customer satisfaction, provide innovative solutions and adopt to the industries ever- changing trends and needs.

3 - Professionalism in Service 

Our Friendly staff understand your needs and the importance of getting your order without delay or procrastination. We value your reliability on us, never take you for granted and keep building toward your trust.



  Let us be partners in achieving smiles