• Patented 2nd generation gear design

    • Better flares for improved subgingival access

    • More ergonomic design reduces hand and arm micro-traumas

    • Smooth running and no over-heating

    • Color-coded angle shells for easy ID of prophy cup softness

    • 100% Latex-free cups

    • New Torque cup minimizes splatter, improves efficienty by at least 15%, and offers better interproximal cleaning

    • Guaranteed no cup dropping

    • The pointed polisher cup improves flexibility and polishing precision

ProAngle Plus Prophy Angles

Quantity Item Code Title Package Price ($)
278-100 DPA w/Pointed Polisher 100/pkg $49.95
251T-500 ProAngle™ Plus DPA/ Reg.Torque Lavendar cup bulk package, 500 pcs. per box $169.95

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