• Non-linting, non-absorbent fibers suspend material without dripping, minimizing waste
  • Bendable neck allows access to hard-to-reach areas
  • For use with etchants, flouride varnishing, bonding agents, etc.
  • Available in extra slim, super fine, fine, and regular brush heads
  • (4) 100-pc dispenser bottles per box (2 colors per box)
  • Non-sterile

Microbrush Applicators-Unipack

Quantity Item Code Description Package Price ($)
9118-FA Fine assorted colors (Yellow, Pink) 400/pack $11.95
9115-RA Regular Assorted Colors (Blue,Green,Orange,Purple) 400/pack $11.95
9011-S Super Fine Wh/Pl 400/pack $11.95
9119-SW Super Fine White 400/pack $11.95

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