• Disposable Micro Applicators from MARK3 are designed for precise placement of dental materials such as, bond, etch, cavity liners, hemostatic agents, sealants and disclosing solutions. The non-linting, non absorbent fibers suspend material without dripping, minimizing waste.

    Contains 400 applicators in 4 tubes

    Available in:
    Regular (Blue Green, Orange & Purple
    Fine (Yellow & Pink)
    Superfine (White)

Disposable Micro Applicators 400/pk - MARK3

Quantity Item Code Description Package Price ($)
100-8095 Fine assorted colors (Yellow, Pink) 400/pack $11.95
100-8090 Regular Assorted Colors (Blue,Green,Orange,Purple) 400/pack $11.95
100-8098 Super Fine White 400/pack $11.95

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