• Designed for ultimate patient cheek comfort, Dri-Aids™ and Silver Dri-Aids™ are thin, absorbent and protective wafers that improve access during procedures where a dry work area is critical for success. Silver Dri-Aids™ provide dentists additional benefits with a silver-coated laminated side that reflects light for improved visibility.

Microbrush Dri-Aid™ and Silver Dri-Aid™

Quantity Item Code Description Package Price ($)
MIC 332125 Dri-Aid™ small silver 250/Pk $36.29
MIC 332190 Dri-Aid™ small silver 750/Pk $94.99
MIC 332325 Dri-Aid™ large silver 250/Pk $36.29
MIC 332375 Dri-Aid™ large silver 750/Pk $94.99
MIC 331125 Dri-Aid™ small White 250/Pk $29.29
MIC 331190 Dri-Aid™ small White 750/Pk $74.99
MIC 331320 Dri-Aid™ Large White 250/Pk $29.29
MIC 331375 Dri-Aid™ Large White 750/Pk $74.99

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