• Easily adapted for installation onto incoming waterlines plumbed directly to city water via included poly-flo fittings.

    • *1 installation provides 365 days (or 240L of water if usage records are kept) of safe, compliant dental unit water
    • Once installed, no monitoring/shocking protocol is required for the life of the cartridge
    • Cartridge reduces bacterial exposure by eluting non-allergenic, elemental iodine into dental water
    • Change every 365 days, or 240L of water
    • Crosstex reminds you when it is time to replace your cartridge

    All claims made based on use with potable water

DentaPure™ DP365M Municipal Water Cartridge

Quantity Item Code Package Price ($)
DP365M DP365M cartridge (for municipal water systems) $237.33

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