• A thin, absorbent, cellulose triangle, the Dri-Angle comes in two types: plain and silver coated. Use the silver coated Dri-Angle for superior saliva control. Silver coating on one side acts as a complete moisture barrier for heavy salivators. Choose the small or large size for the particular patient.

    Small - 400pcs

    Large - 320pcs

Cotton roll substitutes - Dri-Angle

Quantity Item Code Description Package Price ($)
DS-31-SDR140 Dri-Angle Plain - Small 400pcs /box $16.95
DS-31-LDR140 Dri-Angle Plain - Large 320pcs/ Box $16.95
DS-32-SAG Dri-Angle with Silver - Small 400pcs/ Box $19.95
DS-32-LAG Dri-Angle with Silver- Large 320pcs / box $19.95

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