• Unique Formula – Low-foaming formula includes multiple proteolytic enzymes that efficiently remove a wider range of dental debris than surfactants alone as they specifically break down proteinaceous materials (saliva, mucus and blood) that build up and block evacuation lines
    • Reduced Risk – Routine cleaning will help prevent downtime by ensuring evacuation lines remain unclogged for optimal performance and a reduced risk of cross-infection to patients
    • Color/Scent – Yellow/ Lemon Scent
    • 1:100 Dilution
    • pH 7.8 (prepared solution) meets Best Management Practices for the EPA Dental Amalgam Rule 
    • Treat up to 3 lines per ounce of concentrate
    • Treat up to 384 lines per gallon
    • Ideal for use in both wet/dry vacuum systems and amalgam separators

Sani Vac™ Evacuation System Cleaner

Quantity Item Code Package Price ($)
JVAC 1 Gallon Bottle / 3.78 L $69.95

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